Neo Smart M1+ College Notepad Recording Bundle


Digitise your handwritten notes with your Neo smart pen M1+ and mobile device.

This Bundle includes the M1+ Smart Pen, Neo Smart Recorder RECO and Reco College Notepad.

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Neo Smart Pen M1+
• Digitizes Analog Writing – The Neo Smartpen M1+ features an optical sensor that captures your handwriting on an NCode paper and converts it to digital file with the use of the companion app.
• Comes with Companion App – Download Neo Studio or PaperTube from App Store / Google Play and sync your M1 Plus. These apps allow you to transfer the pen data to your computer or tablet.
• Transcribes your Handwriting – The Neo Studio app allows you to convert analog writing into text. Download the additional languages to transcribe your handwriting into another language.
• Provides Longer Time Usage – M1 Plus offers 3 times the writing hours of the original M1. M1+ also automatically turns on/off when you open / close the pen cap.
• Offers a Refillable Ink Cartridge – Neo Smartpens uses standard D1 pen tip so you can always replace it with Zebra 4C -0.4/-0.5/-0.7/-1, Pilot -8F/-8M, Parker D1 0.8/1, and more. Please check NeoSmartPen’s webpage for the complete list of compatible refills


Smart Recorder RECO

• Compatibility: RECO’s Bluetooth wireless connection works only with Neo Smartpen. It does not work with other devices. (Neo Smartpen not included)
• Video Bookmark: Simply tap your note and RECO will replay corresponding parts of the videos you’ve watched and websites you’ve visited while taking notes.
• Voice Bookmark: Tap the keywords of your notes, and RECO will replay corresponding parts of your recording.
Lanyard Hole: Attach finger, hand or neck straps with the built-in lanyard hole. (Strap not included)
• 16GB Memory: With a built in 16GB memory, this device boasts the ability to store up to 10 hours of continuous recording.

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