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Ergonomics can support individuals with physical difficulties, as well as reducing the risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI). This includes assistive technology such as alternative mouse devices, keyboards, desks and chairs.

Keyboards & Mice

Monster 2 Keyboard

£29.99 Inc. VAT

Home Working Essentials

Dragon Speech Recognition Home v15

£192.00 Inc. VAT

Coloured Overlays

Visual Stress bundles

£29.99 Inc. VAT
£73.14£100.74 Inc. VAT
£70.80 Inc. VAT
£70.63 Inc. VAT
£144.00 Inc. VAT

Keyboards & Mice

Penclic Mini Keyboards

£79.99 Inc. VAT

Alternative Input Devices

Springboard Keyboard PC-1

£238.80 Inc. VAT
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