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iansyst was founded by Ian Litterick in 1983 to provide good value training and educational software. Since 1994 our core focus has been technology to help people with dyslexia make the most of their abilities.

We supply assistive technology products and services for individuals, educational institutions and commercial organisations to support people with a diverse range of disabilities. The software and hardware enable people with dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, visual stress, hard of hearing, visual impairments and those requiring ergonomic support make the most of their abilities.

Our software includes speech recognition, text-to-speech, typing tutors who need reading, writing and spelling support and mathematical solutions for those struggling with numeracy. The hardware range includes scanning pens, smart pens, digital recorders and headsets for increase productivity.

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Thought-leading education professionals moving the industry forward.

We provide the latest Assistive Technology along with support to students, parents and organisations.

Personal training on our main products from our own team of training professionals.

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