Englishtype Senior Typing Tutor (PC)


Englishtype Senior is a version of the best selling children’s typing tutor, Englishtype Junior, designed for older students. Englishtype Senior was developed by an experienced Educational Psychologist and is designed to boost literacy at the same time as teaching typing.

Touch typing is an essential life skill for everyone today. For Special Needs like Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Austism/ASD and VI, teaching touch typing can be life changing. Written work is often a difficult & disliked area, and learning to touch type can significantly improve both quantity & quality of written work.

  • supports general literacy learning: improves reading, spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • uses age appropriate, relevant & useful vocabulary including the 300 most common words in adult English language
  • uses real words from Lesson 1, and does not use nonsense words or jibberish that can be very confusing, and even damaging, to literacy skills
  • uses quotations and proverbs to add interest

Englishtype Senior is excellent for mixed ability groups; challenging the brightest students whilst providing extra help for those with Special Needs. The inclusive design means all students can use the same program and work at the same time, but at their own pace.
Englishtype uses a unique colour coding system to build learning quickly and efficiently. Learning key & finger relationships as rapidly as possible is the main aim of any typing tutor. Supporting this link is an integral part of Englishtype’s unique design.

There are three learning Options:

  • Basic – easy and essential words
  • Everyday – general adult vocabulary
  • Advanced – more mature language

Compatibility: Windows XP or above

Want to know more? Try the first two lessons and games of the home version with this download link prior to purchase.

Please note: The Digital Download activation code and link will be emailed within 2 working days.




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