AcceleRead AcceleWrite: Guide to Using Talking Computers to Help Children Learn to Read and Write


AcceleRead AcceleWrite supports reading, writing, spelling and listening skills using text-to-speech software.

AcceleRead AcceleWrite Guide by Vivienne Clifford and Martin Miles provides full instructions on how to use a computer with text to speech software, to improve reading, writing, spelling and listening skills of pupils who are experiencing literacy difficulties. This is achieved through structured phonics exercises over a recommended period of time. This detailed electronic manual (previously a book, now a PDF on a CD-Rom) explains the theory behind the approach.

The comprehensive package includes the CD-Rom and perforated, colour-coded flash cards with blank ones for your own sentences.

The Guide provides access to a range of printable record sheets, achievement charts and evaluation sheets.

The AcceleRead AcceleWrite Guide explains how the scheme works, the recommendations on frequency of use and suggestions where to start with the included sentences.

Features of the Approach

  • It is multi-sensory.
  • Develops visual and listening memory.
  • Highly structured to allow the learner to progress at their own rate.
  • Builds in regular revision.
  • Progress can be evaluated and measured.
  • Highly motivating with consistent feedback.
  • Encourages typing skills.

Please note: AcceleRead AcceleWrite requires a text-to-speech engine to be installed on your computer. Suitable software includes Clicker, Read&Write, ClaroRead, & Sprintplus.

You can find out more about the AcceleRead AcceleWrite program by following this link to view the ‘What works for children and young people with literacy difficulties’ By Greg Brooks. This book takes a look at the results from schools who piloted the program with their pupils.

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