Mind Mapping is officially 40 years old

School pupils and corporate employees may have been using ‘spider diagrams’ and charts to plan their ideas for decades, but the official technique of Mind Mapping is 40 years old this summer.

Tony Buzan revealed the method of visual thinking in the 1974 BBC TV series Use Your Head and it went on to become a huge phenomenon.

Indeed, global organisations including Disney, Microsoft and Nasa all use it to help them plan out projects and brainstorm new ideas.

Mr Buzan has also lectured on Mind Mapping in more than 60 countries, taking it to universities, workplaces, sports competitions and governments to show people how they can help their brains to make better connections.

However, he said he is eager to ensure everyone is aware of the benefits they can reap, commenting: “Many more remain stuck in old-fashioned, linear methods that hinder the generation of ideas and restrict their thinking. We have a long way to go to get people using their brain to its full potential.”

To celebrate Mind Mapping’s 40th birthday, Mr Buzan has put a free online tutorial called How to Mind Map on his website, Think Burzan, which is available for viewing now. It teaches anyone new to the technique how it can be applied to almost any everyday task for more effective working.

If you try the course and find you’ve been missing a trick by not using Mind Mapping already, then don’t worry – we can help you out here at Iansyst.

We have several different software programs in stock that can have you drawing them up in a flash. They’re especially useful for those who have trouble planning and organising their work, including anyone with a disability like dyslexia.

For example, MindGenius Education 5 offers a template facility and a review function that allows comments to be added to diagrams afterwards.

Furthermore, we also have it available as a digital download, so you won’t even have to wait for it to be delivered to get started!

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