Kaz Type’s New City and Guilds Assured Edition

Being able to type quickly and accurately is becoming increasingly important in an era where email is the main form of communication. This is why the organisation KAZ has been teaching people to type more efficiently for over 20 years. In addition to learning the basics of typing in 90 minutes, KAZ also includes many accessibility options for people with disabilities, such as dyslexia, and at the end of the course you can become City and Guilds Assured.

Learn to type with KAZ

After logging into the website you will be prompted to select your country’s keyboard and any accessibility features you may need. You will then receive an overview of the course and learn how to use its features. There is also information provided about the importance that posture plays in typing, in order to prevent Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), which is pain felt in muscles, nerves and tendons caused by repetitive movement and overuse of the upper limbs.

The course begins with exercises that teach you proper finger placement and how to accurately touch all of the 26 letter keys. Once you have mastered those skills you can move on to learning punctuation and practicing your speed and accuracy. The KAZ course is very thorough and gives you lots of opportunities to practice the important skills.

It’s accelerated learning method of teaching uses brain balance and muscle memory in order to have a lasting effect.

City and Guilds Assured

The KAZ program is the only award winning multi-sensory touch typing course which is City & Guilds Assured. This is a certification which is valued by employers and one that will make you stand out on your CV. Once you finish the course and feel confident, you are able to take the multiple choice and timed typing test to see if you qualify.

Accommodations for Disabled People

Touch typing has many benefits for people with disabilities, which is why KAZ has also made a commitment to making its program user friendly for everyone. There are settings for people with hearing and visual impairments, as well as neurodiverse conditions such as dyslexia, ADHD, and autism. KAZ recently developed a program specifically for people with dyslexia. As their program can be used by all, it is able to accommodate a diverse workforce and provide everyone with an educational experience.

Typing benefits employees and businesses

Businesses, schools and governmental organisations have all found success using the KAZ typing program. According to research, 95% of employees waste time by ‘hunt and pecking’ at their keyboard.

Once equipped with correct typing techniques, employees can work much more quickly and efficiently allowing them to get more work done in a shorter period of time and with less stress.

Are you interested in learning more about different workplace accommodations or assistive technology for people with disabilities? Iansyst is a leading disability services supplier in the UK with expertise in this area! Get in touch with a member of staff on 01223 420 101 or drop us an email.

Written by Shannon Kelly – Shannon is a writer based in Chicago and a Journalism graduate from the University of Illinois. She uses a manual wheelchair due to a spinal cord injury, and is passionate about international travel and the environment. She frequently documents her experiences of living with a disability on Disability Horizons and her personal website.

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