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Ever wondered how businesses attract new talent? Did you know disabled people are an invaluable untapped group of labour? If you want to learn more about employing disabled people, this podcast is a must listen!

In this episode, Martyn Sibley who was voted one of the U.K.’s most influential disabled people, talks with Gill Hudson (Head of accounts management and training services), and Mark Woodward (workplace coach, assistive technology Trainer and a workplace needs assessor) for Iansyst; the experts in inclusive workplaces.

They begin by dissecting the current state of inclusiveness in workplaces in the United Kingdom, following the government’s pledge a year ago to encourage 1 million more disabled people into work.

Gill and Mark move on to identify some of the barriers to inclusiveness that still exist. Whilst they identify an increasing willingness to adapt amongst the employers they’ve had contact with, there is as yet a generalised lack of knowledge on how to implement any required changes.

They go on to discuss some of the myriad of solutions available including the Access to Work scheme and the related services that Iansyst are able to provide.

The interview concludes with a picture of improving attitudes from employers, but a continuing need to dispel some of the myths associated with disability and work, such as additional associated costs or absenteeism that are in fact completely unfounded.

There is also an urge and continuing need to spread the word about the help and advice that is currently available, but yet underutilised.

Watch the whole video podcast here:

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If you have any questions about anything we have covered in this video podcast, get in touch with a member of our team at info@iansyst.co.uk. 

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