World Sight Day: Assistive Technology

There are approximately 285 million people in the world who are visually impaired or blind. That’s why today (12/10/17) marks the fifth year of World Sight Day; a great opportunity where we can raise awareness and talk about the available support.

How We Can Help

At iansyst, we have a plethora of assistive technology and provision to help anyone with a visual impairment. It’s important to get assessed to find out the level of sight loss and then we can help with each individual’s need and find the relevant tools to assist them.

Technology that supports people with visual impairments


world sight day

One of the world’s most popular screen readers for Windows, Jaws helps users with vision loss as the software reads content on the computer aloud and in a human-synthesised speech. It also has efficient interaction with web pages, so it can help the user fill in forms and tables correctly. The software also has optical character recognition (OCR), which provides access to previously inaccessible PDFs or scanned images.

High Visibility Keyboards

We have a variety of high visibility keyboards for children and adults. From keyboards with larger letters that can help user readability to keyboards with Bluetooth embedded, which can link the device with not only their computers but also their iPads. We also offer multi-coloured keyboards, which can help individuals, especially children, write with an easy-to-remember colour coordinated system.

Take a look at our full range here.


OrCam offers an easy-reading solution so the user can transfer visual information into spoken words. The glasses will instantly read text aloud, such as restaurant menus, books, newspapers and street signs, which allows the user to regain their independence.

At iansyst, we are passionate about finding the latest assistive technology that can help people with visual impairments make day-to-day tasks easier and achieve their full potential.  For more information on any of our products, please get in contact with a member of our staff on 01223 420101.

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