SENCO Day at Nottingham Girl’s High!

We are incredibly excited to visit Nottingham Girls High on the 8th of February to talk about assistive technology and training for children in primary and secondary school.

This is a specialised SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) day that will offer help and advice for SENCOs a part of the Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST). We understand that there is a lot of tech out there and it can be difficult to find out exactly what disabilities it can help with. SENCO and Demos are a perfect way to find a suitable solution for students. 

Demonstrating Assistive Technology

With SENCO days, our assistive technology and coaching specialists can demonstrate exactly how each piece of equipment works.

Whether you are looking for specialist exam-approved equipment that can help in tests or if you want dedicated products for visual and hearing impairments, we will be able to recommend and show you how to use each product and how they can benefit the student in question.

Additional Services

Not only can we show you some of the key pieces of assistive technology, but we are also offering a range of services such as our assistive technology training and our one-to-one coaching sessions. Conducted by trainers with years of experience, we tailor each and every session to the individual and their disability so they can get the best support and be confident with their software and equipment.

Keep up with the latest assistive tech and news about dyslexia and other disabilities with our news section.

Organise a Demo!

Would you like to organise a Demo or a Senco Day? If there is a particular sector of assistive technology or training you would like to know more about – or perhaps you just want to see what’s out there – we are happy to meet you and bring relevant provisions that can help Sencos decide on the next steps in terms of assistive technology.

Please feel free to get in touch with a member of our team at

Get in touch

Whether you need additional help or would like to discuss a solution just for you.

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