YoroPen Pencils and Refills


The revolutionary Yoropen uses an ergonomic design to make writing more natural and comfortable. They are suitable for everybody including left-handed or right-handed users.

Using an award-winning ergonomic design the YoroPen range makes writing easier.

The angled head of the pen or pencil is offset to reduce the strain on the wrist making it suitable for those suffering from RSI, dyslexia, dyspraxia and arthritis,

They provide the user with visual space so letters can be seen as they are formed making it an excellent solution for left-handers as it helps to banish writing smudges.

Ideal for children learning to write or those with writing difficulties.



Superior Black Ballpoint Pen, Superior Blue Ballpoint Pen, Superior Black Ballpoint Refill, Superior Blue Ballpoint Refill, Superior Red Ballpoint Refill, Blue Ergonomic Pencil, 2B Pencil Refill, HB Pencil Refill, Mini Blue/Purple Pencil


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