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VeritySpell from Oribi is an easy to use software spell checking and proofing tool to help students and adults who struggle with spelling and grammar.

VeritySpell combines accurate spell checking with an advanced homophone and confusable-word checker as well as advice on common grammatical errors. Tailored to match the particular needs of learners and adults with specific learning difficulties (such as dyslexia).

VeritySpell can also help with word-selection and vocabulary through it’s in-built dictionary tool. VeritySpell uses a database of real-life errors and phonetic rules to identify the correct spelling and is able to correct even the most extreme attempts at spelling.

VeritySpell can highlight potential “confusable” errors and suggest alternative spelling in a simple sentence. It also has the unique ability to combine the confusable word section with the spelling checker to suggest both “righting” and “writing” for the error “righing”. VeritySpell identifies and offers suggestions for common grammar errors and word misuse. VeritySpell now includes a dictionary for looking up definitions, synonyms and similar words.

VeritySpell is a stand-alone program and can be used with many common word processors. On a Mac, it can even replace the system’s built-in spellchecker to become more integrated in various writing environments. VeritySpell also works well with different synthetic-speech programs, making it possible to listen to the suggested changes and example sentences shown in the VeritySpell window.

In the Google Docs version of the program, you can have the suggested changes translated into about 90 other languages using Google Translate. This means that VeritySpell can be very useful even to people with a different native language who are writing in English.

This is a digital download product. You will be sent an email within 2 working days which contains your activation key and download link.



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