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Talking Scientific Calculator

A comprehensively featured calculator that has become a favourite among adults and high school students around the world. Designed for a wide range of users, this calculator has large colourful buttons, optional high contrast, full VoiceOver support, and unique to this calculator; the option to use speech for answers, buttons names and formulas!

** Regularly featured on “What’s Hot” – Utilities

Video demo available from the support link.

Features include:

– Can read answers, entered numbers and formulas aloud.

1,234.56 is spoken as “One thousand, two hundred and thirty four point five six.”

2 + 3 x 5^2 is spoken as “two plus three multiply five squared.”

– Built in recording studio and script. Requires only 5 minutes to record a new voice. Recordings can be transferred between devices using Bluetooth.

– Two entry modes, Standard and Formula. Standard mode emulates traditional calculators. Formula mode takes care of the order of operations for you. You enter a mathematical expression, complete with operators and parentheses (brackets), tap the = button, and the expression is evaluated.

– The entire app is accessible to VoiceOver users. As you move your finger over the screen, the names of buttons are spoken to you. Double-tap to activate the selected button (or single tap with a second finger.) The calculator’s voice will speak the calculation results. The iPad/iPhone’s Home button can be triple-clicked to switch this mode of operation on and off.

– Supports entry and display of Braille on supported Bluetooth devices (thanks to assistance from the Washington State School for the Blind.)

– Numeric formatting of results: Max fraction digits (default), fixed fraction digits (useful for currency calculations), and max significant digits (useful for science and engineering lab work), plus international formatting.

– Trigonometric, hyperbolic, logarithmic, permutations, combinations, factorial, powers, roots, percent and bit-wise operations, conversion between hexadecimal and decimal, random numbers.

– Full support for fractions (simple and mixed), conversion to and from decimal, fraction reduction, and use of fractions with all operators.

– Easy access to basic calculator functions, for those who rarely use scientific operations.

– Paper log feature, designed particularly for classroom use. Calculations can be recorded with a timestamp to be viewed and emailed.

– iPads get a user interface designed to make use of the large screen area. iPhones and iPod Touches get a user interface designed for the smaller screen. This includes large, easy to read scientific buttons, accessed on a scrolling panel. All the features of the iPad version are included in the smaller design.