SuperNova Magnifier and Speech (Digital Download)


SuperNova Magnifier and Speech software is designed for computer users with partial or fluctuating sight.

This is a digital download product. You will be sent an email within 2 working days which contains your activation key and download link.

SuperNova Magnifier and Speech software is designed for computer users with partial or fluctuating sight. It has been designed to work in line with Windows 10 and magnifies documents and apps from 1.2x to 60x, with no loss of clarity. Multiple male and female voices speak aloud your apps, documents and web pages. This feature can be customised to enable the software to speak as you type – characters, words or both can be spoken aloud to improve the users confidence whilst writing.

Users can also customise volume, speed and spelling speed. Dolphin SuperNova Magnifier and Speech software can show magnification in full screen mode, split screen and fixed window. It is also compatible with working on multiple monitors – users can operate magnification on as many displays are required.

This helps when users would like to project their original presentations to sighted audiences whilst keeping speaker notes magnified on their screen. It also helps with users who need to keep track of simultaneous tasks and require more desktop space.

Users can control SuperNova Magnifier and Speech with simple keystrokes to enable them to jump to edges, corners or the centre of the original screen. It features optional visual highlighting so the user or a sighted colleague/trainer can easily see where in your application you are working.

SuperNova Magnifier and Speech is now compatible with tablets and touch screen laptops, where users can use just one finger to pan the magnifier around documents and apps. With the independent OCR scan and read feature, paper documents and PDF’s become fully accessible.

What’s new in SuperNova version 17?

  • Support for Google Chrome – SuperNova 17 now supports the world’s most popular web browser – Google Chrome. Existing SuperNova customers can make the switch to Chrome, hassle free; SuperNova 17 features an identical web browsing experience for magnification, speech and braille users.
  • Support for Windows Mail – Support for the native email client included with Windows 10 is now included in SuperNova 17.
  • New setting to add a short delay to the announcement of ‘Read Text Under Mouse’. Go to the Speech menu> General Announcements to select your preferred pause length.
  • New setting to disable spaces being announced. Go to the Speech menu>Character Echo to configure.
  • The SuperNova 17 installer now has larger text instructions to accompany the audio instructions, ensuring installation is fully accessible for all sight requirements.
  • The Book Reader now includes options to control the audio speed of audio only books.

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