SuperNova Magnifier and Screen Reader (Digital Download)


You can create the perfect blend of magnifier, speech or screen reader to suit your specific sight requirements with the SuperNova Magnifier and Screen Reader

This is a digital download product. You will be sent an email within 2 working days which contains your activation key and download link.

SuperNova Magnifier and Screen Reader software is suitable for computer users with a range of visual impairments. It has been designed to work in line with Windows 10 and magnifies documents and apps from 1.2x to 60x, with no loss of clarity.

Multiple male and female voices speak aloud your apps, documents and web pages. This feature can be customised to enable the software to speak as you type – characters, words or both can be spoken aloud to improve the users confidence whilst writing. Users can also customise volume, speed and spelling speed.

The intelligent screen reader speaks and Brailles text and controls so the user can independently use a regular desktop or laptop computer. Type documents and emails with confidence, hearing each character, word or sentence read aloud. Text style information such as fonts, sizes, colours, bold and more are read aloud to ensure documents look how the user would like. SuperNova Magnifier and Screen Reader is able to translate to and from Braille and works with the majority of popular Braille displays. Read documents, applications and web pages in Braille instantly.

The user is also able to control SuperNova Magnifier and Screen Reader directly from the Braille display. Switch to physical layout to get a Braille representation of how text is tabulated on your computer screen. The enhanced braille feature helps you spot style changes in your documents. SuperNova Magnifier and Screen Reader is now compatible with tablets and touch screen laptops, where users can use just one finger to pan the magnifier around documents and apps.

With the independent OCR scan and read feature, paper documents and PDF’s become fully accessible.





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