Springboard Keyboard PC-1


The Springboard keyboard has a revolutionary silicone keyboard that eliminates the need for metal or plastic key-guards

Created by a user with cerebral palsy, Lime Assistive Technology’s Springboard PC-1 is a rugged and compact soft touch silicone rubber QWERTY keyboard featuring an integrated keyguard designed to offer users with involuntary movements a more accessible computer experience.


  • Recessed keys preventing unwanted key presses with integrated keyguard
  • Useful for anyone with Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s Disease, or other coordination or tremor difficulties
  • A raised surface above the keys offering support to those with muscular dystrophy
  • A highly tactile surface of particular benefit to visually impaired people.
  • A smart black rubberised Soft Touch silicone keyboard with a modern green LED backlight
  • Medical Grade Antimicrobial Surface Coating
  • Washable IP65 Sealed Design – 6 = Totally protected against dust ingress / 5 = Protected against low pressure water jets from any direction. Limited ingress permitted.

Through a comprehensive Research & Design program the keyboard firmware has been customised to remove the repeat inputs which are a common grievance of assistive technology users. This means that straight out of the box, the keyboard will provide a superior experience reducing requirements to adjust OS based input settings which can be misleading.

Included is a medical grade Ionic Silver Antimicrobial Surface Coating which significantly reduces the risk of cross infection from bacteria which builds up during everyday use. The unique design is sealed to IP65 to allow for cleaning which can be done without having to disconnect the keyboard from the PC by using the special on/off key to disable the keys.

There are multimedia function keys for quick access to frequently used programs and an integrated variable brightness green LED backlight illuminates keys for use in low light applications.


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