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Spellex Write-Assist is compatible with Microsoft Office and Dragon and designed to empower the user by helping those who have difficulty with their literacy skills due to dyslexia or other disability

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People with dyslexia may have difficulty matching letters to sounds, spelling words, focusing, and remembering instructions or sequences. That’s where Spellex can help.

Write-Assist is a complete solution that helps individuals improve their writing, spelling, reading comprehension, and focus.

Features include:

  • Spelling error reports of frequently misspelled words
  • Dyslexic type font to improve text reading clarity
  • Definitions and pronunciations of thousands of words
  • Text-to-Speech to hear what is displayed on the monitor
  • Specialized terminology dictionaries and vocabularies
  • Magnifying reading ruler to improve focus / comprehension
  • Clinically tested colors for easier reading for dyslexics
  • Text expander to improve productivity and accuracy

Spellex Write-Assist includes US, UK, AU, and CA English spelling options.

Spellex Write-Assist is available in different versions: Comprehensive English, Medical (includes pharmaceutical terms), Legal, BioScientific, Veterinary.

Please note This is a digital download for Windows only




Comprehensive English, Medical, Legal, BioScientific, Veterinary


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