Slimline Joystick


The Slimline Joystick is perfect for smaller hands as it has a small footprint and a low profile, allowing it to be used comfortably for extended periods by younger users.

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Brand: Pretorian Technologies

The Slimline Joystick has four cursor speed settings allow the unit to be configured for the user’s precise needs. Each of the two touch sensitive buttons may be programmed to be left click, right click, double-click or drag-lock and two sockets allow external switches to replace the touch buttons where required.


  • Audible feedback for the touch buttons
  • USB connection with Plug and Play, and compatible with PC, Mac, Chromebook and tablet devices that support external mice.
  • Does not require any driver software to be loaded onto host computer- ideal for managed computer systems often used in schools.
  • Speed settings and button functions retained if the unit is unplugged or powered down.
  • Ships with T-bar handle and large diameter sponge ball.
  • Dimensions 145 x 90 x 80mm.

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