S-board 840 Design Numeric Number Pad


The S-Board 840 (formally known as Ergostars Saturnus) is an external number pad which is recommended for users handling extensive data entries.

The S-Board 840 design numeric number pad allows an alternating working method on the left or the right hand. This possibility is conducive to improving comfort and productivity while using a computer.

This external number pad fits with its design to the S-board 840 compact keyboard (Ergostars Saturnus), but can also be combined with any other keyboard.


  • Place anywhere on your workstation – Full flexibility of where the number pad is placed for both left and right handers
  • 26 different keys on one number pad
  • Plug and play USB connectivity – Includes extendable USB cable


  • Compatibility: Windows 98 or later and Mac
  • USB wired connectivity
  • Dimensions: 170mm(l) x 95mm(w) x 20mm(d)
  • Cable length: 800mm
  • Weight: 120g


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