Penclic Mini Keyboards


The Penclic Mini ergonomic keyboards are designed to fit a fast-paced, agile lifestyle. Available as Wired or Bluetooth.


These sleek designed keyboards from Penclic are ideal as an ergonomic solution which are small enough to slip into a laptop bag whilst retaining all the durability and function from a high-end keyboard.

Speed up your work with the special function keys and enjoy the satisfying feel of the rounded, low-profile keys as you type. The mini size improves your positioning for a healthier, more comfortable experience at your computer


  • Premium scissor-switch keys
  • Lightweight, durable black aluminium casing
  • Vibrant design with blue or red detail dependent on model
  • Rounded, low-profile keys for fast, accurate typing
  • Compact size for better ergonomic positioning
  • Stylish accented return key
  • Perfect for working on-the-go

Wired, Bluetooth


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