Olympus WS-852 Digital Recorder


The Olympus WS-852 high-quality dictation device, audio recorder, note-taker in one

The Olympus WS-852 digital voice recorder combines high-performance stereo recording with smart functionality. This not only makes it a pleasure to use, but also easy to handle in any situation.

Key Features

  • Light weight: 77g
  • Built-in memory: 4GB
  • Files per folder: 200
  • Recording format: MP3

Further Features

The Low-cut Filter efficiently eliminates lower-frequency noise such as air conditioners, projectors and outdoor wind to allow for even clearer voice recordings.

Ensure fail-proof, high-quality recordings by choosing the scene in which you want to record with the scene select. Your recorder then instantly sets the right audio recording parameters. You can also add simple accessories to the device for perfect telephone recording and for converting analogue cassettes to digital.

A built-in stand on the back of the audio recorder makes desktop use even easier. It helps to reduce surface noise and keeps your recordings perfectly clear.

With reduced power consumption and an extended battery life, the  Olympus WS-852 digital voice recorder is more convenient than ever.

By cutting out the low and high frequency ranges of a voice recording, Voice Filter clarifies and enhances the sound of the words being spoken. This makes it easier to understand the speaker during playback.

Saved audio files are automatically marked with the date and displayed in calendar format, making it quick and easy to search for files. Plus, a dedicated calendar button allows for immediate viewing.

The playback speed can be adjusted between a range of x0.5 (slowest) and x2 (fastest). The ability to change the playback speed is particularly useful when you want to listen to the recording in a very slow mode to understand it really good, such as with language study. Fast listening to recordings comes convenient when you want to quickly check meeting recordings and find the particular sequences.



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