Olympus DM-770 Digital Voice Recorder


The Olympus DM-770 digital voice recorder helps dyslexic students with note-taking in lectures or meetings. Delivers outstanding voice and audio recordings.

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Brand: Olympus

The Olympus DM-770 is a high-quality recording device to help with notetaking. It is a digital voice recorder that delivers outstanding voice and audio recordings, as well as playback of music, audio books and podcasts.

The Olympus DM-770 has three stereo microphones which takes the audio quality capture to another level and makes the sound quality more balanced. Audio is saved on the digital recorder as either MP3, WMA or Linear PCM files which exceeds CD quality.

The Olympus DM-770 features 6 scene modes to set the optimal recording parameters in different environments. The Olympus DM-770 has a large 8GB of internal memory and has a microSD card slot for additional memory.

Other key features includes:

  • Light‑Weight, with 40 % less weight than the bestseller smartphones in 2015
  • Milestone‑Marker, to record in every detail with up to 200 index marks
  • Supporter of blind touch use, with Advanced Voice Guidance and Distinctive Button Contours

Other specifications:

  • Power Supply: Battery 1 x AAA
  • Weight: 72g (incl. batteries)
  • Dimensions: HxWxD 105.9 x 39.6 x 14.4mm (without protrusions)
  • Recording Format: PCM (WAV)/MP3

The digital voice recorder also comes complete with Olympus Sonority Audio Notebook software which allows the user to easily manage their audio files and is compatible with Windows and Mac.

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