Neurotalent Unlocked – Module 1: Improving your Reading

What every adult with dyslexia needs to know, eCourses from Lexxic to help with reading, writing, listening, organisational skills for improving productivity and your confidence.

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Brand: Neurotalent Unlocked

Learn the right way to manage your dyslexia and related conditions to get ahead. Developed by a team of psychologists who specialise in dyslexia in the workplace. Taught to hundreds of students and professionals in FTSE 100 companies.

There are four modules available, you can purchase each module as a separate item or buy all four modules to save money:

Module 1: Improving Your Reading

Discover how to speed up your reading, make fewer mistakes, understand more, and remember more.
Course contains 3 PDF’s and 18 Videos.

Please call 01223 420101 to ask for pricing.


Neurotalent Unlocked


All 4 Modules, 1: Improving Your Reading, 2: Improving Your Writing, 3: Organising Your Workload, 4: Listening and Concentration


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