Neo Smart Dimo Recording Bundle


Digitise your handwritten notes with your Neo smart pen Dimo and mobile device.

This Bundle includes the Dimo smart pen & Professional Notepad & Neo Smart Recorder RECO

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Neo Smart Dimo 

• Digitize your Notes – The Neo Smartpen Dimo has an internal camera that captures your handwritten texts and converts them to digital documents when the pen syncs with Neo Studio app.
• Longevity – The battery lasts a month when the pen is used for an hour a day.
• Write and Sync – The digital pen has 2MB (saves up to 3 sheets of A4 size) of internal storage so you can transfer your stored handwriting data at a later time.
• Compatibility – Dimo is compatible with Neo Studio app and you can export your handwritten notes to various formats and share them on social media and email. However dimo does not sync with Google Calendar, ical and outlook.
• Replaceable Ink Cartridge – The Neo Smartpen uses Standard D1-Type pen tip, and you can always replace it with D1 refills. Please check NeoLAB’s page for the full list of compatible ink refills.



Smart Recorder RECO

• Compatibility: RECO’s Bluetooth wireless connection works only with Neo Smartpen. It does not work with other devices. (Neo Smartpen not included)
• Video Bookmark: Simply tap your note and RECO will replay corresponding parts of the videos you’ve watched and websites you’ve visited while taking notes.
• Voice Bookmark: Tap the keywords of your notes, and RECO will replay corresponding parts of your recording.
Lanyard Hole: Attach finger, hand or neck straps with the built-in lanyard hole. (Strap not included)
• 16GB Memory: With a built in 16GB memory, this device boasts the ability to store up to 10 hours of continuous recording.


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