Neo Pen N2 Writing Bundle


Digitise your handwritten notes with your Neo smart pen N2 and mobile device.

This Bundle includes the N2 smart pen & Professional Notepad

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The Neo smartpen N2 is designed like a conventional pen so that there will be a seamless transition from using a conventional pen. The Neo Smartpen N2 is designed to write notes as you always would do while the Neo pen automatically saves them in the app ready to organise copy and share. This saves the worry of having to save the notes over later. After you have your notes on the app this will give you the option to edit, share, transcribe and record and play.

• Digitise your Notes – The Neo Smartpen N2 has an internal camera that captures your handwritten texts and converts them to digital documents when the pen syncs with Neo Studio app.
• Sleek & Heavy Duty Design – Made of aluminium and stainless steel to withstand shocks and scratches, the prism-shaped N2 pen provides a stylish, classy look and ergonomic grip.
• Write and Sync – The digital pen has 90MB of internal storage so you can transfer your stored handwriting data at a later time. NOTE: Refrain from writing during pen data transmission.
• High Compatibility – Compatible with N-Code notebooks only. You can export your lectures and drawings with various social media platforms. The companion app, including Neo Studio are compatible with Evernote, Google Drive Manager, OneNote, and Creative Cloud.
• Replaceable Ink Cartridge – The Neo Smartpen uses Standard D1-Type pen tip, and you can always replace it with D1 refills. Please check NeoLAB’s page for the full list of compatible ink refills.

*Digital Paper is our special notebook for Neo Smartpens with Ncode imprinted in the pages*
01 Case
02 Neo Smartpen N2
03 Pen Refills (2)
04 USB Charging Cable
05 Instruction Manual
06 Writing Test Sheet

*2 Pen Refills: One inserted in N2 and the other in the package.

Offline Sync Mode

You can even use Smartpen N2 without connecting to the app, Neo Notes. Your handwritten data will be transferred to the app when it is connected to the pen.


Black, Silver

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