n-ABLER Pro Joystick


The n-ABLER Pro Joystick is a computer mouse alternative to help computer users with limited hand control, motor skill difficulties, poor hand-eye-coordination and other disabilities access their PC, Mac or Chromebook.

It reduces wrist and elbow strain as it requires minimal hand movement, less effort and is generally less tiring to use.

Due to its symmetrical design, the n-ABLER Pro Joystick is suitable for both right and left handed computer users without straining their wrist. It also features a large hand/palm support section to relax posture.

The n-ABLER Pro Joystick requires reduced hand movement which makes it a good ergonomic solution for those struggling with a standard computer mouse.

It has easy-to-use function buttons (white on black) and requires just a light touch for easy navigation on the computer.

The n-ABLER Pro Joystick is compatible with PC, Mac and Chromebook and includes the following accessories: knob handle, soft ball handle, t-bar handle and PS2 to USB adaptor.

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