Monster 2 Keyboard


Monster 2 keyboards are ideal for those with visual impairments and for children who are learning to type and like the fun of having large keys.

Meet the Monster 2 Keyboards from Accuratus. There are a variety of keyboards making them suitable for young children who are enjoying the fun of learning to type and for those with a visual impairment.

The Monster 2 Keyboard with large multi-coloured keys from Accuratus is designed specifically for children who are just starting to use computers and keyboards and it aims to help assist learning, with having a easy to remember colour-coordination system.

The high contrast coloured keys can help alleviate the eye strain associated with using a computer keyboard.

With large key caps the Accuratus Monster 2 is also ideal for users who suffer from MS and Parkinson’s disease. The Keyboard is spill resistant making it perfect for people that find they are prone to the occasional spill. Plug and Play technology means that you can simply start typing straight away without any difficult and time consuming installation process.

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Keyboard type

Mixed Colours Upper Case, High Contrast Upper Case, High Visibility Upper Case, Mixed Colours Lower Case


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