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The Simple But Brilliantly Useful Reminder & ToDo List App.”As todo apps go, Forgetful is wonderfully spartan”Stores your Text, Audio or Video reminders / to-do list and keeps you notified as each important reminder becomes due.

Record things you need to-do or aims/goals you want to achieve instantly and be reminded at any time in the future. View your reminders / todo items in separate Current and Pending lists. 


• Create Text, Audio Voice or Video reminders / to-do items* 

• Reminder now or at a set time and date in the future.

• Set which reminders show up in the red app icon badge, so you remain alerted about important current reminders and aren’t bothered by less important reminders.

• Set important reminders to alert you with an alarm, even when the app isn’t running, using your normal notification sound or one of the included hard to miss alarm sounds.

• Hide individual reminders until they become due. Great for hiding reminders you don’t want to see until needed or for you or friends to record messages you’ll only get at the time and date set.

• Automatically repeat reminders, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly or annually.

• Email individual reminders, including any recorded audio or video file, to yourself or anyone else.

• Reschedule reminders / to-do items to a new time and date in the future.

• Free to use! Install and use all of the features for free. In app upgrade to unlock unlimited reminders (the free version is limited to a maximum of two reminders at a time – try it for free and if you like it please purchase the upgrade).

• A great alternative to calendar events because your reminders remain alerting you until you clear them. Forgetful also makes a great alarm clock!

• Simplifies your life and couldn’t be easier to use.

• No in app ads.Works on all all iPads and all iPhones from the 3GS upwards and recent versions of the iPod Touch. If you can’t install then your device probably hasn’t been updated to a recent version (since March 2011) of the iOS operating system using iTunes.(* If your device has a suitable camera you can record video reminders using the front or back camera. If your device has a microphone you can record audio reminders).