Ergo-Q-330 Laptop Stand


Bakker Elkhuizen Notebook Stand Ergo-Q 330 helps reduce poor posture when using a laptop

The Ergo-Q 330 notebook stand helps the user to work with more comfort and saves desk space. Instead of connecting an external monitor to your notebook, you can use this notebook stand to achieve the perfectly ergonomic viewing angle.

The open design prevents heat build-up and is completely foldable to fit in a notebook case.


Height adjustable laptop stand.

Six different angles from 20° to 40° for optimal laptop screen viewing height.

Easy front fold setup – laptop angle rest folds out from flat to the desired angle. The front folds forward to permit safe two-handed insertion of laptop. The pivot also allows access to laptop keys if necessary.

Mobile lightweight design – can be easily folded flat to 13mm for easy transport in a laptop case and weighs only 485g.

Integrated document holder – use to read your documents below the laptop without awkward twists and turns.

Designed to keep laptop cool – open design allows ventilation and prevents heat build up from laptop.

Plastic construction – lightweight but durable.

Rubber anti-slip feet – provides good stability.


Dimensions folded: 22.8(w) x 31(l) x 1.3(d) cm

Dimensions in use: 22.8(w) x 31(l) x 11.3-19.3(d) cm

Weight: 485g

Best suited for laptops 15.4′ or less


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