Englishtype Senior Typing Tutor – Mac (Digital Download available)


Englishtype Senior is a version of the best selling children’s typing tutor, Englishtype Junior, designed for older students and suitable for Mac users

BRAND NEW VERSION! New animation, extra Spelling lessons & Vocabulary setting for Dyslexic teens & adults, awards for achievement, 2 tests of typing skill and electronic diary to record practice.

Learning to touch type brings many benefits to people with dyslexia. It reduces the need for handwriting, (often a disliked or problematic area), and typing is easily corrected without original mistakes being apparent. It vastly improves efficiency of computer usage, and Spell Checkers are an invaluable help. In addition, touch typing actually facilitates learning to spell, by making spelling more than a simple visual skill: spelling also becomes patterns on the keyboard – patterns and spatial skills are often areas of strength for people with dyslexia.

Englishtype was developed by an Educational Psychologist and is designed to maximise additional literacy benefits at the same time as teaching typing, and a team of award winning video game designers using the latest technology and fun. It encourages reading, spelling, grammar & punctuation skills, uses high frequency word lists and only age-relevant and useful vocabulary. Unlike other typing tutors, lesson data is highly structured, e.g. non-words are controlled letter patterns only; these are kept entirely separate from, and do not resemble, real words. This is to ensure there is no confusion in learning spelling.


  • A multi-sensory approach
  • Unique key / finger colour coding
  • Visually simple presentation
  • Both written & spoken instructions
  • Choice of background screen colours
  • Includes 300 most commonly used words in adult language
  • Exclusive Speed Booster exercises reinforce spelling patterns while building typing speed
  • Fun games designed by an award winning video game design team
  • Fill your Awards cabinet with achievement awards
  • Bronze, Silver & Gold medals and stars are awarded to motivate learners
  • 3 vocabulary settings, including a new Dyslexia friendly / Special Needs level, relevant for any age

Operating System (OS) Compatibility:
Mac OSX 10.6 or above

Want to know more? Try the first two lessons and games of the home version with this download link prior to purchase.

Please note: The Digital Download activation code and link will be emailed within 2 working days.




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