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Dyslexia Toolbox

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Award Winning application:
– ‘Excellence in Start-ups’ Winner- Nominated ‘Best New Business’ (awaiting results)- Nominated ‘Most Innovative Start-up’ (awaiting results)
– Nominated ‘Best Business Start-up’ (2nd).

Fully Supported by an Dyslexia Specialist ‘Jacqui Flisher'”This will help so many people, I am very proud to be a part of it” – Jacqui Flisher
“The ultimate aim is to provide independent, individuality and confidence through technology” – Gary Smith Founder

Key Features
– Camera overlay to help with reading and writing for people who suffer from visual stress 
– Customizable colours & fonts tool (choose your diagnosed colour)
– Text input/output aid for people who suffer from visual stress
– Simple event organiser tool- Web browser (changes fonts & colours)
– Document reader (Optical character reference) 
– Dictation throughout (use keyboard mic)
– Key reference aide to help put various things in order- Alphabets- Months of the Year- Date Formats- Left & Right
– Future updates and tools to look forward to:
– Upgraded text input/output and inbuilt messaging system replicating a ‘normal’ system but customisable
– Dyslexia friendly keyboards- Safari extensions connectivity- Augmented realities 
– Left & right dictation for people who suffer from visual stress
– Dyslexia SatNav (possibly another app)
– Accelerometer throughout- Dyslexic thesaurus & dictionary/pictionary
– Document converter with customisation
– Automatic settings ‘transforms’ texts i.e block capitals to normal, italics to normal etc etc 
– QR reader tool with automatic settings

We encourage every Dyslexic to get involved and have a voice in the development of their own support!