Contour RollerMouse Pro3


RollerMouse Pro3 is an ergonomic mouse designed for demanding tasks that require repetitive movements.

The Contour Rollermouse Pro3 is a great option for professionals and anyone else who uses a mouse for long periods every day.

Sitting below your keyboard, Pro3 eliminates the need to reach for the mouse, lessening stress from your neck to your fingers. The width of this RollerMouse makes it especially suitable for standard or full-­size keyboards for comfortable typing.

Rollermouse Pro3 allows you to work faster, and more comfortably.

With adjustable features the Pro 3 is designed with helpful features such as copy -­ paste button with one click, 3 different mode options and the option to customize your click force and cursor speed. Choose from ten cursor speeds ranging from 600 to 2400 dpi by using the central cursor speed button. Blue lights signify which speed setting you are currently using from lowest to highest. You can adjust the amount of pressure required to perform a mouse click. Use the click-­force tension slider located under your RollerMouse Pro3. Simply slide it until you find the tension that works best for you.


Weight – 0.75 kg

Dimensions – 48.8 x 9.9 x 2.9 cm

Scroll Wheel – Yes

Buttons – * Buttons (5 programmable)

Sensor Type – Optic

DPI – 600 – 2400 (adjustable)

OS – Mac OS, Windows

Connection – USB

Driver – Not required

Plug-and-play – Yes

Warranty – 2 years


Contour Design


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