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Co:Writer for iOS

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Co:Writer® is a writing tool that aids with phonetic/inventive spelling, grammar, and topic-related vocabulary. Co:Writer has been a trusted friend to writers and communicators for decades (tracing its roots back to the days of the Apple II in the late 70’s). 

HOW DOES CO:WRITER WORK?As letters are typed, Co:Writer predicts the intended word with a selection of word suggestions using powerful grammar-smart word prediction. These suggestions can be read aloud with a swipe. Selecting the intended word places it into the document. For feedback while writing (and after writing) built-in text to speech can be used to read letters, words, sentences, and the entire document.

4+ MILLION TOPIC-SPECIFIC DICTIONARIES Co:Writer has access to a main prediction dictionary (that includes core words) and Topic Dictionaries (that includes topic specific words). Co:Writer can access over 4 million topic-specific dictionaries which are activated based on the writing task.

A small sampling of the variety of topic dictionaries:
– America’s Cup
– Apple II
– Compare and Contrast
– Dinosaurs
– Grumpy Cat
– History of the Peloponnesian War
– Mahatma Gandhi
– My Dog
– Pig Latin
– Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost
– SpongeBob SquarePants
– Tommy (album)
– Wonders of the World

SPELLING SUPPORT Co:Writer handles the widest range of spelling mistakes through its Flexspell™ technology including phonetic spelling and inventive spelling errors (letter omissions, word ending omissions, letter reversals, etc).Examples of how Co:Writer aides with phonetic and/or inventive spelling:

Before Co:Writer1. The blk jargon flu over the bra lfnt. 2. R u hpy to ce me? 3. I no hw to nor the fone. 

After Co:Writer 1. The black dragon flew over the gray elephant.2. Are you happy to see me?3. I know how to answer the phone.

GRAMMAR SUPPORT Co:Writer bases its prediction off of proper grammar, and uses its understanding of grammar to accurately predict words within the framework of valid sentence structures. 

Examples of how Co:Writer aides with grammar:
1. Dogs are furry. (noun, verb, adj.)
– When you typed d-o, you get plural noun choices
2. Three very mangy dogs ran down the street. (adj., adv., adj., noun, verb… etc.)
– After typing three, very, mangy, you get plural noun choices, then you get plural verb tenses.OTHER FEATURES
– Built-in Text to Speech (swipe prediction guesses to hear before selection)
– iCloud Support
– Export NOTE-US dictionaries and US voice only. Please see separate versions for British English and Canadian English.