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ClaroRead Pro 7 (Digital Download)

£238.80 Inc. VAT

ClaroRead Pro is a text-to-speech software solution for supporting dyslexic children and adults with reading and writing difficulties.

This is a digital download product. You will be sent an email within 2 working days which contains your activation key and download link.

ClaroRead Pro Version 7 is a literacy support tool for PC. The software helps users of all ages and abilities to read and write, and is especially useful for those with dyslexia and other literacy difficulties. ClaroRead Pro allows users to convert printed documents and image files into accessible PDF’s, Word documents and many other formats for reading and annotation. The text in the documents can then be read aloud using ClaroRead’s easy-to-use toolbar. The toolbar contains numerous features to support students, employees and individuals’ literacy skills. The software has an easy-to-use toolbar that will read any on-screen text out loud in Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer, emails and many other applications.

Claro Voice Setup, which is part of the ClaroRead software, allows the user to download up to 80 high-quality voices, including different accents and genders of English, plus French, German, Spanish and many other voices. This is extremely helpful for users where English is a second language (ESL).

ClaroRead also has the option to turn on highlighting which can help users follow the text as it is spoken by a high-quality human sounding voice. You can edit the highlighting option to highlight by word or sentence, and in any colour you like. ClaroRead’s word prediction feature suggests words as the user types, supporting their spelling and writing. With a wide choice of high-frequency and many subject-specific dictionaries, the software provides phonetic prediction. For example, when a user types ‘n’, they will see ‘knowledge’ suggested. The ability to have your written work read aloud helps users hear their mistakes, which are often hard to spot when reading alone.

ClaroRead’s homophone checker allows users to correct easily-confused words such as ‘there’, ‘they’re’ and ‘their’, including images to help select the correct word. It also features a speaking dictionary for any word in any application with over 300,000 English definitions. ClaroRead allows users to change fonts, text and screen colours to reduce contrast and make reading more comfortable. It also allows the user to be able to save their text as an audio or video file to listen whilst on the go, for example, on your smartphone or whilst studying. ClaroRead Pro includes: ClaroIdeas (mind mapping and idea capturing tool), ScreenRuler (reading ruler and screen colour tinter), ClaroCapture (capture images and text from web pages and documents to help write essays and organise references), Claro AudioNote (record lectures straight into your handouts, make voice notes and listen back to recordings made on popular devices), Claro Voice Setup (download and install any of 80 voice in 30 languages).

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This is a digital download product. You will be sent an email within 2 working days which contains your activation key and download link.



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