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ClaroPDF – Accessible Pro PDF Reader

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ClaroPDF – an accessible, reading and study PDF tool for all.

Annotate, mark up and save PDF files which are then still fully compatible with Adobe Reader and other popular PDF apps.

Have accessible text PDF files read back to you with a human quality voice & synchronised highlighting.

+ Speech, Productivity and Accessibility

Alongside the full range of iOS system voices, ClaroPDF contains human quality text to speech English voices and a range of synchronised colour highlighting options. A ‘Speak in Background’ option lets you listen to a PDF while viewing another app – great for proofreading accessible text PDF files while you’re working in other apps.

The ‘Speak on tap’ (either from the tapped sentence or the page’s first sentence) and ‘Stop on tap’ options make speech easy to control.

Over 40 additional high quality voices are available in 27 different languages through low cost In-App purchase, so you can easily customise ClaroPDF’s voice.

The voices are all built into the app, so an Internet connection is not needed to speak text.

ClaroPDF allows the background colour of the PDF to be changed, to enhance readability. ClaroPDF fully supports VoiceOver.

Image PDF files cannot be spoken by ClaroPDF voices, but can be fully viewed and annotated with ClaroPDF.

+ Annotations, Notes and Comments

ClaroPDF includes a powerful Annotation toolbar that lets you add notes and other comments. These are fully interchangeable with Adobe Reader and most other popular PDF apps, so your ClaroPDF comments will still be there if you open the PDF on another device. Annotations created in another PDF app can also be viewed and edited.

Annotation features include: highlight; underscore; strikeout; notes; free text (type straight into the PDF); free line draw (with many colours, opacity and thickness control); shapes (circle, square, line – with many colours, opacity and thickness control); images (you can even insert photos from your iPad camera or photo library into the PDF file)

+ Smart Zoom

On double-tap, ClaroPDF will identify the tapped text block and perform an intelligent zoom on it, just like in Safari. This reduces how much you have to adjust the zoom manually.

+ Full-Text Search & Navigation

Search will highlight all found results in your document and let you jump to each one in turn. ClaroPDF shows each page of a multi-page PDF document as a thumbnail, allowing for faster scrolling of long documents. The thumbnails automatically hide when not needed.

+ Managing PDF Files

PDF files can be opened in ClaroPDF from all other apps, including Mail and Safari. All opened PDF files will be placed in the ClaroPDF Documents List for later viewing. You can also open files from Dropbox, Google Drive, or import files via iTunes. PDF files can be saved into ClaroPDF’s Documents, Dropbox or Google Drive, sent by email, or opened in other apps that support PDF files. ClaroPDF offers the option to email or forward the PDF in a ‘flattened format’ with annotations made permanent, or send the whole file with editable annotations for further review by others. The ClaroPDF Documents List is fully customisable, allowing you to organise your PDF files and folders.

+ Included Text to Speech Voices- American accented English Tom, Jill & Samantha- British accented English Daniel & Serena

+ Switch Accessibility

ClaroPDF responds to switch or Bluetooth keyboard commands:1 (~1) Start speech2 (~2) Stop speech3 (~3) Turn to previous page4 (~4) Turn to next page

+ Fullscreen mode

Allows the full document to be seen without toolbars in view. Ideal for smaller screens!Need to view your text PDF files in a more plain text view so you can change the font type, colour and size? Open them in ClaroSpeak, also available on the App Store!