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CapturaTalk iOS

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Ideal for use in a variety of environments, CapturaTalk is built for compatibility with the iPad 2nd generation or newer.
CapturaTalk offers 5 high quality literacy support apps integrated together as one solution. Designed to make the most of the iOS accessibility features as well as established technologies, CapturaTalk provides support for anyone who needs assistance in accessing and creating written text, including those with literacy disabilities.

CapturaTalk transforms your iPad into a device ideal for, working with, and making text accessible.
Users can benefit from the following impressive collection of features and much more;

Integrated dictionary feature Local and cloud storage (Dropbox) compatibility.
Visual text-to-speech highlighting.
Coloured Overlays Dyslexia friendly font Digital Audio recording.
iOS Quick Look feature.
Speech recognition.
Rich text attributes.
OCR (photo-to-text conversion process).
Translation of text (visual and auditory).
Customisable text-to-speech settings.
Customise the visual appearance of text (including the default background colour) Dyslexia friendly web browsing text-to-speech.
Clean, clear and user friendly user interface.
In app – getting started support app materials.
In app – getting started support operating system materials.

Change the default language of the app to the following languages; Spanish German Swedish

A breakdown of the CapturaTalk app:

•Talking Browser; enables a toggle view for web pages to be presented and then read aloud in a dyslexia user-friendly manner.
This tab also includes other common browser functionality.

•Type and Speak; provides the end user with an easy to use text editing environment which supports rich text editing.

•Phrases; A default examples or sentences and words to support writing.

•Manage; Access to a file management system whereby you can switch between local storage and your connected Dropbox cloud storage account.

•OCR; capture text within a photo and then OCR to extract the text to the Type and Speak tab.

•Talking Help; provides in-app support via examples of how each feature and functionality can be of benefit to you.

•Settings; The importance of customisation is something we appreciate and therefore allow for configuration to the text-to-speech, user interface and other default app settings.

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