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Brain in Hand

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Brain in Hand is a unique assistive technology support system that helps individuals with conditions such as autism, anxiety, mild or moderate mental illness, or recovering from brain injury to be their best – confident, motivated, supported and in control.

Brain in Hand provides people with personalised support through the app on their phone or tablet. Features include instant access to pre-planned coping strategies, a diary to help structure time and “recipes” for difficult to remember tasks, a monitor to track anxiety levels and a system to request support if things don’t go to plan.

From a secure website, support staff can monitor usage, track success of interventions and identify new issues. 88% of users say they could cope better with problems 100% of users say it provides help when they need it 94% of users say it’s having a positive impact on their life.

The Brain in Hand app is a component of the Brain in Hand package to be used in conjunction with a secure website. For more details please contact us on info@iansyst.co.uk or call us on 01223 420101.

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