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BigKeys keyboards are simplified computer keyboards

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The BigKeys LX has been designed for advanced users who need the functionality of a normal keyboard, combined with the large and visible keys of the BigKeys keyboard. With additional punctuation and a separate shift key, the LX is a natural choice for users who need the full range of keys for writing letters, email, spreadsheets and other text entry.

The clever design means that the BigKeys LX takes up the same desk space as a standard keyboard, yet the key tops are four times the area. The high contrast lettering is ten times as big as those on a standard keyboard, which means that the keys are easy to see, find, read and press. This makes the BigKeys LX particularly suitable for users with a visual impairment or hand tremor.

The high contrast black lettering on white key-tops option is ideal for poorly sighted users, and those wanting
a sensible, normal keyboard look to their BigKeys. The high contrast white lettering on black keytops option is preferable for some poorly sighted users.

The lower case keys are less confusing for children or slow learners; and make the keyboard compatible with Keystage 1 and 2 guidelines. The ABC layout is simple to learn for those unfamiliar with a computer keyboard, and more straightforward for users with learning difficulties. It is also great for teaching kids the alphabet.

All BigKeys variants are the same size as a standard keyboard, have fewer keys and extra large sized keytops. BigKeys LX has 60 keys and retains all the functions of a standard keyboard.


  • Key tops are 2.5cm square – four times the size of a normal keyboard’s key tops
  • Lettering is 1.3cm tall – ten times the size of a normal keyboards lettering
  • Available with white or black key tops
  • Available ABC layout
  • All function Keys (F1-F12) are available
  • No run on – one key press produces one letter
  • Assist mode
  • Standard USB Connector
  • Strong design – steel structure and hard plastic case
  • BigKeys LX ABC white on black Upper Case



BigKeys LX ABC Black on White Lower Case, BigKeys LX ABC White on Black Upper Case


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