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Bierley Colour Mouse

£142.80 Inc. VAT

The ColourMouse is connected to your TV and enables you to magnify printed text and images to help you see them more clearly.


  • Compatible with any TV using SCART input Vivid full colour mode
  • High contrast negative image (pure white text on black background)
  • High contrast positive image (pure black text on white background)
  • 16x magnification on a 20″
  • TV SCART connection
  • 9 feet of easy store cable
  • Ergonomic and easy to use
  • Durable, CE approved, built to last

The ColorMouse is ideal for reading or looking at magazines, maps, prescription bottles, food labels, stamps, photos, and much more. By simply plugging the ColorMouse into any regular television, connecting the power and pressing the large blue button, your television will change to the correct channel automatically on European models.

The Reverse Mode function makes it easier on the eyes for those people with acute light sensitivity. How it works: Simply plug the ColorMouse into any regular television, connect the power and press the large blue button. Your television will change to the correct channel automatically. Hold the ColorMouse in your hand, just like a tennis ball or computer mouse, and whatever you move your hand over appears magnified on your television. It’s that simple.

Warranty Information To return items for whatever reason, please call our Customer Services Department on 01223 420101 to get a Returns Authorisation Number (RA Number) and instructions on where and how to send the items. Please note that software for which you have registered the licence, or which we have registered on your behalf (by assembling your computer system for example) cannot be returned unless faulty.

Weight 1.0000 g
Dimensions 0.0000 x 0.0000 x 0.0000 cm


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