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Audio Notetaker offers dyslexic students and employees a visual and interactive form of note taking for lectures, meetings and more. Transforms audio into coloured chunks.

This is a digital download product. You will be sent an email within 2 working days which contains your activation key and download link.

Sonocent Audio Notetaker is software for PC or Mac which offers a visual and interactive form of note taking. Audio recordings are transformed from a single stream of information to easy to interpret coloured bars. Audio Notetaker is an ideal piece of assistive technology software to help those who struggle with note-taking.

The software allows the user to import their audio from their computer or a portable device such as a digital voice recorder. Alternatively, the user can record audio straight into the software using a headset, microphone or the computer’s microphone. A new feature in Audio Notetaker Version 4 is that it is now integrated with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Voice Recognition software. This means the users recording can be transcribed into written text.

Each phrase in the recording is split into manageable sections. The user can easily manage their recording by highlighting sections that perhaps they didn’t understand or think is important into different colours. These colours can be amended and titled to mean different things for the user. They can also delete, move and edit sections. PowerPoint slides, images, and more, can be added into the file and is instantly matched up to the relevant part of audio recording.

Sonocent Audio Notetaker features significantly improved audio quality.  An ‘audio clean-up toolkit’ has been developed which instantly improves sound quality. Noises, such as keyboard clicks and hisses, can now be reduced or removed to give excellent audio quality. It also has a new ‘audio replace’ tool which allows the user to swap their original live recording to a better quality recording. The tool will automatically match up the relevant sections, breaks, notes images, and colour markers. The audio editing software has an improved user interface to make it quicker and easier to use. There is also a range of useful resources, including 5 new ‘Getting Started’ videos.

Case Study

In this short case study, Stephen describes the positive and tangible impact Audio Notetaker has had on his studies.

Student Voice Case Study: Stephen Ansa Adoo

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This is a digital download product. You will be sent an email within 2 working days which contains your activation key and download link.




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