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AcceleRead AcceleWrite Lite

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AcceleRead AcceleWrite Lite is a fun and very easy to use interactive certified remedial reading scheme, designed for your iPad and ideal for use within the home and classroom environment.

Supported by a large number of education authorities across the UK, ARAW productively utilises and enhances the iOS text-to-speech in order to provide a scheme that focuses on the development of an individual’s memory, reading, spelling and phonological skills.

Helping to deal with the relationship of phonemes and the grouping of letters, ARAW identifies and develops key phonological awareness skills especially for those with SpLD’s such as dyslexia.

NOTE: the AcceleRead AcceleWrite remedial reading scheme has been revisedThe Lite version includes the following features and functionality;Restricted access to the sentences within the scheme.

Includes a getting started guide/introduction to the scheme.

Easily change colour & text settings to your preference.

Displays a comparison for incorrect answers, helping the user to identify and understand. Text-to-speech as the user types.

Auditory support for memorizing the sentences.Easy to use.

Fun and engaging.

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