AcceleRead AcceleWrite Guide with ClaroRead SE


Use AcceleRead AcceleWrite with Text-to-Speech software ClaroRead SE to help support reading, writing, spelling and listening skills. Also ideal for those with dyslexia.



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AcceleRead AcceleWrite

AcceleRead AcceleWrite by Vivienne Clifford and Martin Miles provides full instructions on how to use a computer with text to speech software, to improve reading, writing, spelling and listening skills of pupils who are experiencing literacy difficulties. This is achieved through structured phonics exercises over a recommended period of time. The detailed electronic manual explains the theory behind the approach.

The comprehensive package includes perforated, colour-coded flash cards, photocopiable record sheets, along with blank flash cards for you to print off with your own sentences.

Please note: AcceleRead AcceleWrite requires a text-to-speech engine to be installed on your computer.

Includes CD-Rom and cards.

You can find out more about the AcceleRead AcceleWrite program by following this link to view the ‘What works for children and young people with literacy difficulties’ By Greg Brooks. This book takes a look at the results from schools who piloted the program with their pupils.

ClaroRead SE

ClaroRead SE reads Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader PDF’s, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer with speech and highlighting so you can follow the text as it is read out.

It also reads text in email, webpages, and any other program you want by selecting with the mouse, pointing with the mouse, or capturing from the screen.

You can choose highlighting by word, by sentence, any colour, and lots of combinations so you can get just the right one for you.

It will echo back text recognised by Dragon as it appears on your computer screen so you know it is right (you will need Dragon NaturallySpeaking installed for this feature to work).

You can save text as speech to an audio file.

There is an option to capture and read text straight off the screen with the scanning/OCR feature.

New for version 8

Echo Letter Sounds – ideal for early readers and writers who may struggle with remembering the sounds of each letter which makes it an ideal partner for use with AcceleRead/AcceleWrite.

Please note this software is a digital download however you can create a portable USB pen drive version of any ClaroRead to let you use it on any computer.




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