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There is a wide range of note-taking support technology, the majority of which help to eliminate the difficulties that are associated with writing whilst listening. Some technology also helps individuals with organising and editing notes that have been made to help them digest the information.

Livescribe Smartpens are a note taking solution with a difference, as you can capture handwriting whilst recording the audio of your meeting or lecture which can then transferred to your computer, The special inks and notebooks are also available in this section.

£192.00 Inc. VAT

Digital Recorders

Neo Pen N2 Recording Bundle

£240.00 Inc. VAT
£84.00 Inc. VAT
£141.00 Inc. VAT

Digital Recorders

Neo Smart RECO Recorder

£41.63 Inc. VAT

Mind Mapping & Task Management

Aspire Student Portal: Course subscription

£214.80 Inc. VAT

Note Taking

Notetalker Pro

£161.99 Inc. VAT
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