​MindGenius: Data visualisation drives improved business processes

MindGenius Ltd announce the release of Version 6 of its leading business mind mapping software.

In a continued drive to utilize the power of data visualisation techniques in business processes, Version 6 focuses on enhancements to the project management, brainstorming, communication and personal productivity capabilities of the application.


Those who manage tasks and projects will benefit from new cost and quantity calculations, the ability to customise the Gantt chart and additional project resourcing capabilities. Seamless integration with a range of cloud storage providers will allow users to save and open files in Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive directly from MindGenius and using the new Word Cloud will enable users to quickly gauge the emerging themes during brainstorming, requirements gathering and other group sessions.

Mapping information allows us to gather and make sense of large amounts and sometimes complex data. MindGenius is the only product to provide a ‘map explorer’ that enables the user to move quickly between high level and detailed views of your information. Version 6 introduces a new ‘pan’ mode to the map explorer that was first introduced in the MindGenius iPad app and found to be of great value on the device.

In addition to a strong set of new features, Version 6 has a completely new look and feel. Based on the latest Microsoft Office 2013 ribbon styling the new interface is less intrusive and makes the map and its’ content stand out during presentations. New branch styles and in-place editing, that replaces the ‘Add Branch’ dialog, make the data capture and map building process much simpler and clearer while projecting and capturing information live.

The uniqueness of MindGenius’ business focus from inception together with over 10 years of further development since first launch makes it the most refined daily use Mind Mapping Software available. Users are able to gather data, ideas and requirements more effectively, visualise information and get insights that allow them to be more organised, plan better projects, make quicker decisions and ultimately improve their productivity.

A cloud version of MindGenius is currently being developed. It will be compatible with and complimentary to Version 6 desktop and will provide remote multi-user collaboration features.

MindGenius Education 6 is available to purchase from Dyslexic.com here.

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