Join us at ATEC HeadsUp in Sheffield!

We are excited to be exhibiting at ATEC, the Assistive Technology Exhibition and Conference in Sheffield on Thursday the 18th of January 2018. This is a fantastic opportunity where we can offer expert advice and information on the latest assistive technology that can remove barriers in education and within the workplace.

The theme for Sheffield’s ATEC HeadsUp event will be “advancing inclusive policies and practices for disabled people within Further and Higher Education.” The event will focus on the use of reasonable adjustments for individuals with neurodiverse learning needs, long-term health conditions and disabilities and how these individuals can receive help with their academic careers.

We will be exhibiting the latest assistive technology at ATEC HeadsUp Sheffield

There are continuous developments and innovations within assistive technology and ATEC is perfect if you wish to learn about what is new, straight from some of the key suppliers and specialists. There will also be speaker presentations throughout the day who will provide practical information for delegates and fresh ideas that can help individuals with additional needs overcome the challenges that surround their disabilities. will be presenting a diverse range of assistive technology and can answer questions on any of our products or support, which can aid individuals in post-16 education. This event will be ideal for disability professionals, so they can understand what types of assistive aid is out there to ensure students have access to the correct provisions.

We hope to see you there!

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