#Go Red for Dyslexia

We are proud supporters of Go Red for Dyslexia

This year iansyst are excited to be apart of #GoRed for Dyslexia, a campaign by Succeed with Dyslexia during the entire month of October. Succeed with Dyslexia run multiple international campaigns during the year and have created Go Red, a global community of passionate individuals, companies, schools, and organisations driving for a greater understanding of dyslexia.

Together, we can create a world where dyslexics are understood and empowered.

By taking back the colour red, often used to mark incorrect spellings at school the #GoRed initiative is a step towards globally promoting dyslexia and giving dyslexic people the tools to succeed.

This month has included many ways for businesses and individuals to get involved, such as promoting the #GoRedforDyslexia hashtag, downloading the Go Red social graphics, dancing to a song on the Go Red playlist, wearing red for the day, and taking a photo for their company’s social media, making the company logo red and encouraging their local buildings to light up red.

There is still time to get involved, visit here https://www.succeedwithdyslexia.com/go-red/ to learn more.

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