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We are Proud Sponsors of NADSN Conference at UCL!

We are proud to be sponsoring the National Association of Disabled Staff Networks (NADSN) Conference at the University of London (UCL) on the 13th July! This will be a fantastic one-day event with some great speakers and suppliers, who will be showing the latest updates and products for individuals with additional needs in the workplace.

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NADSN (National Association of Disabled Staff Networks) are a network that connects and represents disabled staff across all networks. It gives them a platform where experiences and good practices can be shared and to discuss the support available  for members.

This organisation is focussed on the tertiary education sector (i.e. universities, colleges) and is opened to any individual and organisation who are interested in the equality of disabled staff.

We are proud to be able to offer a one-stop service for the workplace, which includes universities, organisation and individuals who need extra support to overcome their difficulties.  Our workplace adjustment services includes providing assessments, the equipment, Assistive Technology training and personal one-to-one coaching if there is a specific difficulty that the employee needs help with.

We are pleased to be a sponsor of NADSN and to have the opportunity to showcase the best assistive technology that can be used in the workplace. We will be present with a trainer so you can have your questions answered, whether that is our process or the AT that we provide!

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Jay Cochran http://www.dyslexic.com <![CDATA[iansyst Event: Supporting NeuroDiverse Students in HE and the use of Assistive Technology]]> https://www.dyslexic.com/?p=10203 2018-05-01T13:58:08Z 2018-04-25T13:27:01Z A free CPD seminar hosted by Iansyst Ltd in Scotland and designed for Disabled Student Needs Assessors to further enhance knowledge focussing on the areas of mental health and also of dyslexia characteristics. Following these presentations, Iansyst will present the latest AT developments to assist with enabling effective recommendations.

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  • Disabled Student Needs Assessors

Supporting NeuroDiverse Students in HE and the use of Assistive Technology

A free CPD seminar hosted by Iansyst Ltd in Scotland and designed for Disabled Student Needs Assessors to further enhance knowledge focussing on the areas of mental health and also of dyslexia characteristics.

Following these presentations, Iansyst will present the latest AT developments to assist with enabling effective recommendations.

What's the agenda?
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What’s the Agenda?

9.30 Coffee on arrival. An opportunity to meet the team and preview the AT products

10.00 Welcome and Introductions.

10.10 The Importance of working memory when assessing students for Specific Learning Difficulties

11.00 Approaches to support students with Mental Health diversity

11.50 Questions and Answers

12.00 Lunch & exhibition

12.30 An introduction to the types of Assistive Technology available.

Product presentations to include:

  • Supporting literacy
  • Reading & spelling with Text-to-Speech
  • Software updates
  • Making information accessible through scanning devices, Scanning Pens and the Exam Pen
  • New Product Preview – No Isolation Avatar enabling learners at home to be able to participate in the classroom in real time

1.45 Plenary Session

2.00 Close.

The event will include all refreshments and lunch.

A delegate pack of resources and a Certificate of Attendance will also be provided on the day.

Edinburgh Zoo will provide free passes for all delegates that attend and delegates are welcome to visit the Zoo (includes the Penguins Parade which starts at 2.15pm).

Catch up with our supporters who will be exhibiting at this event

About the Keynote Speakers

Dr Jennie Guise,

Director, DysGuise Ltd.

Edinburgh based Dr Jennie Guise has 30 years of experience working with children, young people and adults and is a practitioner psychologist with extensive assessor experience. Very recently, Jennie co-authored with Gavin Reid a book ‘The Dyslexia Assessment’ which includes practical hands-on activities and strategies to help clarify the practice of dyslexia assessment. Jennie has developed a unique approach to assessments making them accessible, understandable and fully focused on the positive.

Liz Redpath and Edgar Rodriguez-Dorans, Student Disability Services, Edinburgh University

The University of Edinburgh’s Disability Service vision is ‘Challenging Attitudes. Mainstreaming Equality.’ The team support students with dyslexia, mental health issues and students on the autistic spectrum, as well as those who have physical and sensory impairments. Liz and Edgar are mental health mentors and will provide an awareness of mental health common conditions and provision. As part of the commitment to equality and diversity, since January 2012, the University signed up to the ‘See Me‘ pledge and created an action plan outlining resources to improve and raise awareness of mental health issues.

The iansyst Team

Iansyst Ltd has been established for 35 years as a leading disability solutions and assistive technology supplier. Iansyst also has a dedicated office and Scottish team based in Edinburgh providing AT software and computer solutions with full help-desk support, on-site product training and a range of consultancy services for disability awareness and accessibility. Visit our websites at www.iansyst.co.uk and our web shop at www.dyslexic.com

Preview the latest Assistive Technology:

Iansyst ltd presents the very best AT software and hardware suppliers. At the seminar delegates will be able to try out a range of popular and also alternative AT products to include: Literacy software, MindView mind-mapping, Phonak Hard of Hearing Devices, New – No Isolation Avatar product, Scanning Pens and new Ergonomic solutions.

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Catherine Smith <![CDATA[Join us at the 11th BDA International Conference!]]> https://www.dyslexic.com/?p=10051 2018-04-10T12:39:22Z 2018-04-10T12:41:50Z The post Join us at the 11th BDA International Conference! appeared first on Dyslexic.com.


Iansyst and dyslexic.com will be exhibiting at the British Dyslexia Association (BDA) Conference at the International Centre in Telford on the 12th and 13th of April!

The British Dyslexia Association are one of the key organisations in Britain who offer a voice for individuals with dyslexia. The BDA offer a plethora of information through their website and events that aid schools, parents and individuals with dyslexia and other associated conditions, such as dyspraxia and dyscalculia.

This is a fantastic opportunity for teachers, parents and individuals who wish to learn more on how to support people with learning disabilities. Throughout the conference, there will be a jam-packed itinerary of seminars and talks that cover topics such as ensuring dyslexic learners are prepared for life after school, the history of dyslexia and using music to support children.

One of our partners, CPD Bytes, also has a seminar on Thursday the 12th of April in room 5. Moira Thomason MBE will be talking about Supporting Learners with Dyslexia in the Secondary Curriculum. For many years, she managed a Support for Learning and Special Needs team in a large Edinburgh secondary school.

Looking for a full itinerary on the BDA’s seminars? Click here for more info!

BDA's Full Itinerary
moira thomson CPD Bytes

For the two days we are at the BDA conference, we will also be showcasing some of the latest equipment, such as OrCam’s MyEye 2.0; an artificial vision device that can help individuals with visual impairments. The device can instantly read text aloud from any surfaces and it recognises money, faces and products.

Of course, we will also be demoing some of our more popular assistive technology products for individuals with dyslexia, such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking and text-speech software like ClaroRead and Read & Write Annual, which will be presented by our specialist Assistive Technology trainers.

If you have any questions about the British Dyslexia Conference or about any of our products or services, please feel free to get in touch with us at marketing@iansyst.co.uk or phone on 01223 420 101.

We hope to see you there!


ClaroRead Pro 7 (Digital Download)

ClaroRead Pro is a text-to-speech software solution for supporting dyslexic children and adults with reading and writing difficulties.

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Catherine Smith <![CDATA[“Are You Being Reasonable?”]]> https://www.dyslexic.com/?p=9924 2018-03-26T14:17:14Z 2018-03-26T14:20:21Z Catch up with our senior trainer Gill Hudson who talks about reasonable workplace adjustments with not-for-profit disability organisation, We Are Purple.

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Have you ever wondered what constitutes as reasonable adjustments? This is a term we often hear a lot, but what does it mean? And how can it help people with disabilities?

So don’t miss out on We Are Purple’s “Are You Being Reasonable” webinar where one of our senior trainers, Gill Hudson, is interviewed about reasonable adjustments in the workplace and what “being reasonable” entails.

This includes the importance of having a supportive line manager and how workplace coaches, such as us, can implement correct strategies surrounding assistive technology and the individual’s work pattern so they can be confident within their work space.


About We Are Purple

We Are Purple are a not-for-profit disability organisation that brings disabled people and businesses together. They are committed to changing the conversation and unleashing the Purple Pound, which can benefit disabled people, their communities and businesses.

More Information on Workplace Adjustments

We understand there was a lot that we discussed in the above webinar! From training and coaching to assistive technology, there are plenty of provisions which can enable each individual and unleash their strengths. One of the important points spoke about was the government grant, Access to Work.

Most of our technology, training and coaching is available through ‘Access to Work’, a grant which supports disabled people who are in or going into full-time work or are freelance.

Our Training and Coaching

Through Assistive Technology training and Workplace Coaching Strategies, our trainers and coaches ensure each person is comfortable, confident and can overcome barriers within their work environment.

Workplace Needs Assessment

Our experienced accessibility specialists visit the employees at their job and examine their workplace. The specialist reviews all aspects of their work and finds what can be improved. This could involve where they sit in their office, their lighting, if they need assistive technology such as software or equipment or if they need coaching strategies to help with their daily work routine.

Assistive Technology Training

There is a range of assistive technology out there, but it can be a source of frustration if you are unsure how to use it. With our Assistive Technology Training, one of our experts will visit you within your workplace and ensure that you can understand exactly how to get the most out of your new technology, so you can use your assistive technology confidently.

Workplace Coaching

Our Workplace Coaching entails of one of our coaches visiting your workplace, learning more about your role, everyday duties and what work processes you regularly face. By doing this, our coaches can create a strategy that you can implement in your everyday working life.

For more information, get in touch with our commercial team

Have you received reasonable adjustments in your workplace? Or maybe this is something you weren’t aware of? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Catherine Smith <![CDATA[What is Dyscalculia?]]> https://www.dyslexic.com/?p=9753 2018-03-16T12:28:53Z 2018-03-16T13:00:35Z The post What is Dyscalculia? appeared first on Dyslexic.com.


Often seen as related to dyslexia, those with dyscalculia (sometimes known as number blindness) show great difficulty with numeracy, arithmetic and mathematical concepts.
People with dyscalculia may have difficulties with the following:

Difficulties associate with dyscalculia include: counting backwards, difficulty reading analogue clocks, memorising numbers, prices and phone numbers, carrying and borrowing, placing values, planning, scheduling and being on time, school time tables and deadlines.

Dycalculia can cause difficulties at school or college and possibly limits some career choices once full-time education is finished. It can also hinder every day activities for adults such as budgeting, driving and navigating, cooking, DIY / home maintenance, train time tables, helping their children with their homework and more.

You might think that dyscalculia wouldn’t be a great disadvantage as every phone has a calculator and every shop terminal can calculate.  In fact, extreme cases, those with dyscalculia may never be able to cope with shop work.

Whilst a spreadsheet may be configured to perform the necessary calculations, those with dyscalculia may find they lose track of numbers they are entering, get digits back to front, or frequently repeat a digit too many times, or miss digits. Merely copying down a phone number can prove very stressful and time consuming, with the person checking it repeatedly. However, the copy and paste functions of computers and phones, and text to speech, and speech to text functionality can assist.

Cause of Dyscalculia

It is thought that dyscalculia results from an abnormal development part of the brain which deals with mathematical concepts. It is likely there may be a genetic link. Environment is also thought to be responsible, including consumption of alcohol during pregnancy, and premature birth.

Assessment & Diagnosis

If a parent is concerned, they can discuss with the school’s special educational needs coordinator (SENCO) or GP.

Just as with dyslexia, dyscalculia is not necessarily associated with low intelligence. It just indicates a difficulty with one function of the brain. Those with dyscalculia may still have excellent communication and other skills and iansyst Ltd has developed a dyscalculia screener for adults and those in post-16 education in conjunction with Loughborough University. This can be found at:

Click here for our dyscalculia screener

The screener can help screen people who have been struggling with numbers whether at school, University, or in the workplace. It will indicate whether the person is having numeracy problems and what are their weakest areas.


Children may be taught the benefits of self-advocacy, taking an interest in their condition, not being afraid to talk about it, and understanding there may be many things t they are talented at. Of course, extra maths coaching may also be helpful.

Some medication may assist with conditions sometimes seen related to dyscalculia, such as ADHD and anxiety, however there is no particular medication that can exclusively help the condition. An understanding school environment can reduce stress and anxiety for the student.

Number Shark

The new Numbershark version 5 reinforces numeracy and improves understanding and use of numbers. Addresses poor attention span, short term memory and math difficulties.

Assistive Technology and Workplace Coaching

We can advise on how our assistive technology products can help. Products on the market include mathematical and textural speech recognition, and talking calculators.  In addition, iansyst can provide assistive technology products for conditions which are sometimes seen in conjunction with dyscalculia. These include dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and SLI (specific language impairment).

Dyscalculia is recognised as an official disability and management have a responsibility to familiarise themselves with the condition and their responsibilities. We can provide workplace coaching, where for example dyscalculia impacts on such things as time keeping, scheduling, work load planning, calculations and completion of numerical reports, and can also assist managers in their role.

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Catherine Smith <![CDATA[What is Access to Work (AtW) and how can it help?]]> https://www.dyslexic.com/?p=9666 2018-03-14T10:09:30Z 2018-03-07T14:25:04Z Learn more about Access to Work (AtW) and how it can provide vital aid for individuals with additional needs.

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If you have a disability or health condition that can make certain aspects of your work more difficult, Access to Work (AtW) is a grant provided by the government which can help your workplace provide necessary provisions to support you.

Since the 2010 Equality Act, if you disclose your disability or health condition to your employer and it affects your working environment, they have an obligation to make reasonable adjustments.  So if you have a disability and need extra support, let your employer know.

But what is Access to Work? And what does it cover?

Access to Work (AtW) is a government scheme that is provided through Job Centre Plus. It can help the individual through a variety of ways, such as:

  • Travel to Work
  • Travel in Work
  • Assistive Technology & Specialist Equipment
  • A support worker
  • Alteration to the work premises

Who is Entitled to Access to Work?

If you are seeking an Access to Work Grant, you must be in paid employment or self-employment or with a confirmed start day and:

  • Have a disability or health condition that affects your ability to work
  • You are 16 or over
  • Live and work in Scotland, England or Wales

How to Apply

  • You can apply for Access to Work online. All you need to do is provide:
  • – Your workplace address 
    – The name, email and work phone number of a workplace contact who is able to authorise payment for your equipment and support 

How We Can Help…

For over 30 years, iansyst has been providing assistive technology and specialist training for thousands of individuals, whatever stage they are in their careers. We understand the importance of assistive technology and how it can help each individual overcome their personal challenges.

Through Access to Work, we can provide:

  • Assistive Technology
  • Assessments
  • Specialist support for the AT installation
  • Workplace consultancy
  • Assistive Technology Training

Our Technology & Training

The type of assistive technology we can provide covers a range of disabilities from dyslexia and dyspraxia to visual and hearing impairments. We have software that can help individuals with reading difficulties, such as text-to-speech software like ClaroRead or Read & Write Gold. These products help individuals read quickly and more efficiently, which ultimately increases the person’s productivity at work.

Not only can we supply the assistive technology but we also offer training from our nationwide team of AT specialists. All of our trainers have received disability awareness training and are able to support each individual to ensure they can get the most out of their equipment in their work environment.

Learn more about our AT training


Text-to-speech software solution for supporting dyslexic individuals with reading and writing difficulties.

Check out what else we’ve been talking about…

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Catherine Smith <![CDATA[What is it like to have Dyslexia?]]> https://www.dyslexic.com/?p=9539 2018-02-15T13:42:34Z 2018-02-14T11:20:21Z The post What is it like to have Dyslexia? appeared first on Dyslexic.com.


For the majority of us who don’t have dyslexia, it can be hard to comprehend exactly what it’s like. Most of us take reading and writing for granted and don’t completely understand the different ways dyslexia can affect a person.

Recently, there’s been a new website launched that simulates the experiences of a person who is dyslexic. Created by a friend of a dyslexia sufferer, the website presents similar difficulties of someone who may have the condition.

As someone who doesn’t have the learning disability, the website is a disorientating experience! Letters move within the words, making it harder to read the paragraph. If I really concentrate, I can read the text but it takes a lot longer to digest and understand the context.

This website provides a useful tool in raising awareness for the condition, so others can understand the frustration and difficulties that a person with dyslexia can face.

Website that highlights dyslexia awareness

What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is one of the most common learning difficulties, as it can affect up to 10% of the population – although the severity differs from person to person. Not only can the condition affect the individual’s reading ability, but also writing, spelling, memory, motor skills, phonological awareness and the understanding of sequences e.g. months of the year.

Learn more about dyslexia here!

Dyslexia is known as a “hidden” disability and can be misinterpreted. It’s not always easy to detect and sometimes it can be blamed for other behavioural symptoms. This is why it’s important, especially for teachers and parents, to understand the signs of dyslexia.


At iansyst, we understand how important it is to address each individual’s needs, whether in education or the workplace. Tools, such as the aforementioned website, offer a glimpse into dyslexia and are a great way to demonstrate a disability that is hidden.

When it comes to the workplace, we believe it’s important that managers and colleagues can understand an individual’s disability and if you are in education, it’s important to understand the signs of different disabilities. By doing this, you can ensure a more communicative work environment and, if you are a teacher, you can action early intervention. .

Our Training & Coaching Services

We offer training sessions that can help staff members fully understand disabilities such as dyslexia. Our dyslexia awareness sessions are conducted by a specialist trainer, who through interactive exercises and breaking down legislation can offer a better understanding of the condition.

Not only do we supply Dyslexia Awareness Training, but we also can provide Autism Awareness and General Disability Awareness. If you have any questions about our awareness training sessions, feel free to get in touch with marketing@iansyst.co.uk and we can help you with any queries.

How did you find the website? Do you think it’s a good tool to spread dyslexia awareness? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Catherine Smith <![CDATA[SENCO Day at Nottingham Girl’s High!]]> https://www.dyslexic.com/?p=9404 2018-02-07T13:13:36Z 2018-02-06T10:23:06Z Keep up with the latest assistive tech and news about dyslexia and other disabilities with our news section.

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We are incredibly excited to visit Nottingham Girls High on the 8th of February to talk about assistive technology and training for children in primary and secondary school.

This is a specialised SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) day that will offer help and advice for SENCOs a part of the Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST). We understand that there is a lot of tech out there and it can be difficult to find out exactly what disabilities it can help with. SENCO and Demos are a perfect way to find a suitable solution for students. 


Demonstrating Assistive Technology

With SENCO days, our assistive technology and coaching specialists can demonstrate exactly how each piece of equipment works.

Whether you are looking for specialist exam-approved equipment that can help in tests or if you want dedicated products for visual and hearing impairments, we will be able to recommend and show you how to use each product and how they can benefit the student in question.


Additional Services

Not only can we show you some of the key pieces of assistive technology, but we are also offering a range of services such as our assistive technology training and our one-to-one coaching sessions. Conducted by trainers with years of experience, we tailor each and every session to the individual and their disability so they can get the best support and be confident with their software and equipment.

Keep up with the latest assistive tech and news about dyslexia and other disabilities with our news section.

Organise a Demo!

Would you like to organise a Demo or a Senco Day? If there is a particular sector of assistive technology or training you would like to know more about – or perhaps you just want to see what’s out there – we are happy to meet you and bring relevant provisions that can help Sencos decide on the next steps in terms of assistive technology.

Please feel free to get in touch with a member of our team at ecommerce@iansyst.co.uk.

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Catherine Smith <![CDATA[Introducing: Aftershokz Bone Headphones]]> https://www.dyslexic.com/?p=9262 2018-02-02T14:51:32Z 2018-01-31T13:02:58Z The Aftershokz Bone Headphones can transform listening to music or taking calls for individuals with hearing impairments.

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For those who suffer from hearing loss, headphones can be an uncomfortable and occasionally a painful experience, whether the individual is sensitive to sound frequencies or they may need hearing aids.

That’s why we are excited to be a supplier of Aftershokz Bone Headphones, which can help overcome a number of obstacles with their revolutionary bone conducting technology.

Click here to learn more about our new Aftershokz range!

Below is a video from Aftershokz, showing personal testimonials on exactly how the headphones can be a massive help for individuals with hearing impairments.

Aftershokz Bone Trekz Air Heaphones

The Aftershokz Bone Trekz provide a flexible and comfortable fit, enabling the user to be aware of their surroundings.

The headphones includes noise cancelling microphones which excludes surrounding noise.

Take a look!

Aftershokz Trekz Titanium Bone Headphones

These lightweight and comfortable headphones are a safe alternate to sport earbuds, as the bone conduction technology and open ear design deliver crystal clear calling and premium sound quality.

The Titanium headphones are sweat-proof, secure and allow you to be aware of your surroundings.

Find out more!

Want to be in the know with the latest assistive tech? Keep up with up to date with dyslexic.com’s news…

How we can help…

There is a lot of tech out there! We understand how puzzling it can be, especially if you’re new to the world of assistive technology. So if you have any questions whether it’s about the Aftershokz Bone or any other products on our website, please get in touch with marketing@iansyst.co.uk and we will be happy to help!

It doesn’t stop there…

We offer a range of training and coaching that is tailored toward each individual and their disability. Our assistive technology training is popular, where one of our specialists will go out and teach the individual how to get the most out of our products, so they can confidently use their software or equipment in the workplace or classroom.

We also offer one-to-one strategy sessions that involves a trainer to go out and assess individuals in their working environments. Our trainers will work with the individual to create strategies and solutions that the person can use so they can achieve and overcome their own obstacles.

For more information, email us at marketing@iansyst.co.uk or ring 01123 420 101.

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Catherine Smith <![CDATA[What is ADHD?]]> https://www.dyslexic.com/?p=9108 2018-01-24T16:13:30Z 2018-01-24T12:00:35Z ADHD can often be misinterpreted for other mental health conditions, which is why it's not always treated correctly. Here is our brief guide on ADHD, look at symptoms to look out for and how to support it.

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a group of behavioral symptoms that include inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsiveness.  It was previously known as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

Symptoms of ADHD tend to be noticed at an early age and may become noticeable when a child’s circumstances change, such as when they start school. Parents then may be called into the school repeatedly to be told that their child is misbehaving and failing to reach learning objectives. Children are often diagnosed between 6 to 12 years of age, and it is more commonly seen in boys. Symptoms may improve as they reach their teens and adulthood. However, some adults still shown signs of ADHD, and if they were not diagnosed as children, they can discuss this with their GP.

Other symptoms can include poor organisation, difficulty following instructions, struggling with social situations, impulsiveness and the individual may find getting ready for school or work to be tasking.

On occasion, ADHD in adults is associated with Bipolar disorder, or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), drugs, crime, and employment difficulties.

Assessments &amp

It should be remembered that most children struggle with inattention at times, however if a parent is concerned, they can discuss with the school’s special educational needs coordinator (SENCO) or GP.

Cause of ADHD

The exact cause is unknown, but it is known to run in families and research has shown some differences in the brains of people with ADHD. There is evidence that premature birth, low birth rate, or smoking / alcohol / drug abuse during pregnancy may contribute. ADHD is sometimes found in conjunction with learning difficulties. It is sometimes associated with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, epilepsy, Tourette’s syndrome and dyslexia.


Whilst there is no cure, however symptoms may improve with age. ADHD can be managed with appropriate educational support and advice for both children and parents, assistive technology, and if appropriate, medication which includes Methylphenidate (Ritalin). Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is sometimes helpful for adults.

Assistive Technology

There is a range of assistive technology that can help different aspects of ADHD.

 Products including sophisticated digital voice recordersnote taking software and recording pens are especially useful, as these products  can help with the individuals memory and organisation. 

Mind mapping software may be helpful, for example by assisting the user in motivation and concentrating on the task in hand, whether it be following a class, lecturer, or meeting, revision, or composing an essay. It can also assist in organisation and prioritisation.

Other products can assist with conditions such as dyslexia which may be more common amongst people with ADHD. These include Read & Write Gold which can assist with spelling, reading, and concentration, and also the Dragon voice recognition software. We can also provide workplace coaching where disabilities impact on an employee’s work, and assist employers in their role and responsibilities.

This article is written by dyslexic.com & iansyst trainer, Geoff Cooper.


Inspiration Mind Mapping Software

Do you have any experiences with ADHD? Is there a particular piece of assistive tech that you have found useful? Let us know in the comments!

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