Dyslexia Awareness Week: Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is an established learning and organisational tool. It allows users to create maps and diagrams and can be used in a variety of subject areas and a wide range of tasks, including brainstorming, note-taking, revision, illustrating concepts, problem solving and outlining of essays, projects and presentations.

Those with dyslexia can benefit from mind mapping software if they struggle to get their thoughts and ideas down in a structured way. It is also helpful software for those who prefer visual working as opposed to linear lists.

Mind mapping software can offer those with dyslexia greater confidence and independence, allowing them to map out their ideas and reducing the need for a helper.

What software is available?

There is a variety of mind mapping software that is suited for different people:

Inspiration is a powerful learning tool used to help with visual thinking and learning strategies. Those with dyslexia can use the software for visual mapping, outlining, writing and making presentations, using text, symbols and pictures to represent their ideas. It allows them to brainstorm their ideas, structure their thoughts and visually communicate concepts. Inspiration features a built-in text-to-speech function, one-button transfer to a word processor, notes functions, templates, and various export features including export as .jpg, .png and more. Inspiration is available as a digital download for Windows. Find out more about Inspiration 10 and our inspiration 10 download by following this link.

MindView enhances an individual’s ability to visualise, organise and present information. It allows those with dyslexia to plan, organise and develop their ideas quickly. It features a simplified interface for easier navigation and is integrated with Dragon so students can dictate their ideas. MindView also has predictive text suggestions powered by Texthelp and a high contrast mode for those who experience visual stress. The software also features assistive technology templates which helps individuals structure their ideas in a logical way. MindView is available as a download for Windows and Mac. To find out more about MindView, please call us on +44 (0) 1223 420101.

MindGenius is mind mapping software that contains specific resources created by and with those in the education field. The software helps those with dyslexia to get their ideas down on paper and gain a clear understanding of what needs to be done and action it successfully. Mind maps can be exported to a variety of different formats including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Project. MindGenius is the only product to provide a ‘map explorer’ that enables the user to move quickly between high level and detailed views of information. It is available as a digital download for Windows. Find out more about MindGenius by following this link: Mindgenius

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