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We are proud to be sponsoring the National Association of Disabled Staff Networks (NADSN) Conference at the University of London (UCL) on the 13th July! This will be a fantastic one-day event with some great speakers and suppliers, who will be showing the latest updates and products for individuals with additional needs in the workplace.

Register for your free place here!

NADSN (National Association of Disabled Staff Networks) are a network that connects and represents disabled staff across all networks. It gives them a platform where experiences and good practices can be shared and to discuss the support available  for members.

This organisation is focussed on the tertiary education sector (i.e. universities, colleges) and is opened to any individual and organisation who are interested in the equality of disabled staff.

We are proud to be able to offer a one-stop service for the workplace, which includes universities, organisation and individuals who need extra support to overcome their difficulties.  Our workplace adjustment services includes providing assessments, the equipment, Assistive Technology training and personal one-to-one coaching if there is a specific difficulty that the employee needs help with.

We are pleased to be a sponsor of NADSN and to have the opportunity to showcase the best assistive technology that can be used in the workplace. We will be present with a trainer so you can have your questions answered, whether that is our process or the AT that we provide!

Register for your free place here!
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