We’ve been talking a lot about what’s new in the world ofassistive technology and today we wanted to focus on one new product to supportthose with dyslexia: iShould.

What is iShould?

iShould is an app and online application which allows you tomanage and organise your daily tasks and activities. Simply enter your activityusing the flexible creation methods – add text, video, audio or attach anemail. It features intelligent decision making technology to help you organiseyour activities into a handy timeline. This is based on the importance, urgencyand difficulty of each task.

Screenshot from iShould

The iShould app allows you to synchronise your activitieswith friends, family, colleagues and associates. This is useful for studentswho require their Non-medical Helper to view what tasks they have on for theday. This feature is also useful for instances where you need to share tasksand coordinate on projects with colleagues.

Watch the video below to see how the iShould app works.

How does it support those with dyslexia?

Dyslexia is aspecific learning difficulty that mainly affects an individual’s reading andwriting skills. It does, however, have many other associated problems. One ofthe problems associated with dyslexia can be with an individual’s timemanagement and organisation skills.

iShould is a helpful tool for those with dyslexia because ittackles the problems linked to time management and having to organise your day.The decision making tools allow you, or your Non-medical Helper, to select theimportance, urgency and difficulty. Based on this selection, the app willidentify the most productive time to carry out the activity. You will no longerhave to judge when you will fit in an activity – iShould will do this for you.

Request a 30 day freetrial of the iShould Planner App and Task Management Software. Please email info@iansyst.co.uk to find out more. 

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